Making Christ's Love known to All

J.A.M.†† Club (Jesus and Me)† -† Venue -† St Mary's Church Hall

The J.A.M club is an after school club, held during term time for†children aged 7-11 years of age, the club is held on Mondays from†3.30p.m. to 4.30p.m.

Similarly to the J.A.Y. Club, children who†attend Williams Barnes school are safely escorted from the school,†you donít need to worry about how they will get to the club.†

For safety reasons children must be collected by either a parent†or other nominated person.

All are welcome to this multi-activity Christian club.

If you require any further information regarding this group†please contact :-

The Revd. David Seymour, †The Vicarage, †Sturminster Newton

Tel 01258 471276

Or alternatively use the contact form on our†contact page