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Sunday 3rd June Kirsty Wells

Love is the only Law


Sunday 6th May Kirsty Wells

Mirroring the image of Christ


Monday 15th January 2018 Dr Rowan Williams

How do I sing the Lord's song in a strange land?


Sunday 29th October 2017 preaced by Kirsty Wells

Bible Sunday - Grow fat on the Word of God


Sunday 15th October preached by Kirsty Wells

Parable of the wedding banquet - Rejoice!


Sunday 9th July 2017 preached by David Seymour

Boogie Woogie Sermon


Sunday 16th July 2017 preached by Kirsty Wells

Gospel Gardening - The Parable of the Sower


Sunday 4th June Pentecost preached by Canon Robert Titley

Pentecost Pilgrim Covenant Service


Sunday 26th February 2017 preached by Kirsty Wells

The Transfiguration


Sunday 2nd April 2017 preached by Kirsty Wells

The raising of Lazarus