Making Christ's Love known to All

Useful Links

As we progress through these difficult times, we will be using this page to share with you some resources that you might find interesting or useful.  Please bear with us as we work on making this page more user-friendly!

Reflectionary is a weekly blog that usually has weekly resources for ministers - but they are changing with the times and you will now find daily resources for all ages and tastes!  This is what they say:

"A lot has changed in the last week and we’re all having to get used to a new ‘normal’, so Reflectionary will be changing too.  With church meetings cancelled, we’ll stop publishing resources aimed at services and, from tomorrow, publish all-age Bible studies instead.  And I do mean all-age; I don’t mean ‘for kids’.

Each week will have:

  • A Bible passage with some teaching and discussion questions aimed at adults
  • Creative and imaginative approaches designed to appeal to children (plus adults who prefer those styles)
  • A space for your own thoughts and responses
  • A colouring page (not just for kids!)
  • A craft / art activity (not just for kids!)
  • Some activities for the week
  • A prayer."

You can find their site here